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Posted on 03 Nov 2022

What’s a Quality Inspection Checklist?

A quality control inspections checklist is a written document outlining your product's quality requirements and specifications. The checklists efficiency relies on its clarity and user friendliness as Inspectors will have clear criteria to follow when checking your products. It basically details all of your item’s requirements from content, packaging, to potential flaws and functionalities. Different manufacturers will have their own methods and requirements, there lies the importance to have your own checklist, having defined standards and product specifications that must be met by the supplier.

The need for a quality control checklist is undeniable

In your relationship with the manufacturer

 As your manufacturers and suppliers have their own product documentation, the differences stemming from your checklist and their documentation will clear any gaps and ensure consistency and functionality it will become a reference in your relationship with your supplier

To comply to regulation

Using an inspection checklist will give you more confidence in shipping, meeting regulatory standards is non negotiable. As your products have to cross international borders, your production will have to comply through every stage in order to meet regulatory standards. A checklist will allow you to fill any errors to avoid waste or non compliant productions. 

For Cost-effectiveness

 Too many unwanted scenarios can arise from mistakes. Most of the time errors will have large consequences when preparing to ship your production, it could simply cancel it and put you in a situation where you need extra inspectors to return to the factory and therefore have to pay. Not using a checklist means risking your production, the worst case scenario could be your clients receiving a defective product and consequently impacting your company’s reputation. 

The checklist is concise and clear, it can be easily updated according to new products or needs.

Checklist section examples

It will include separated sections covering defect classification ranging from minor, major to critical  covering the industry standard AQLOn site tests and checks, this section covers all the tests to make sure they are conducted upon your standards.

Product requirements review

  • Material
  • Weight and dimensions
  • Specifications for color
  • Labelling and marking

Packaging requirements

  • Overview of labelling requirements
  • Packaging materials
  • Packing method
  • Retail packaging

Overall, checklists serve as a guide to inspectors to provide detailed requirements. It seems simple yet it is essential in your relationship with your supplier, it is a synonym of collaboration to ensure product quality by meeting standards and expectations. They will ensure cost efficiency by avoiding extra costs arising from avoidable errors.
















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