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How Amazon FBA Sellers Should Control Quality in China

How Amazon FBA Sellers Should Control Quality in China

Posted on 27 Oct 2022

Hundreds of companies whose turnover touch the millions of dollars rely on China for importing products.They sell those imported products from China on Amazon.Though the products are cheap and they reap good profits, these companies find it hard to control the quality. Out of a product consignment, around 3% pieces are found defective for consumer goods made in China. 3% of bad products in every shipment of yours is not too bad.

Most buyers set 2.5% Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) for major limits and 4% for minor defects. In practice, the tolerance band is higher because the underlying standard limits the risk of the producer more than the consumer’s risk. Even a small mistake on Amazon can be a disaster for businessmen. The disappointed customers would definitely complain which might prevent your sales.


Know How You Can Avoid Quality Issues

Quality issue with Amazon











Some Amazon FBA sellers choose suppliers based on the sample, price and their budget. They run the standard QC inspections afterward. The supplier ships the consignment of product directly to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Sometimes, it is good, but at the same time, it’s risky also.

If you noticed that you send an inspector before shipment, there is a process of making a detailed report. Do you have enough time to read the report? What if the reports point out some serious issues in the products? Then, what will you do? Ask the supplier to stop shipment. You also would not have enough time to find a new supplier and get product manufactured.


Damage Control Mode of Buyers


When the above-stated problem arises, most of the buyers do damage control and ask the supplier to get things fixed. After the supplier fixes the things, they call the inspector to recheck the quality. You need to decide whether you go for re-inspect or re-work again. It depends on the supplier whether he would do it or not.

There are a lot of dangers if a product is defective, the danger level varies with the positioning of the product and its category. If a product is premium and is high in price, the customer will complain whenever they found the defective product. In case of cheap products, the consumers are not going to complain that if few defective pieces are inside a pack of cheap accessories.

Amazon will definitely notice a lot of returns if your 3% products that cost too much and don’t work. You need to ensure that all the products should get fixed before it leaves China. You can’t inspect the shipment when it is delivered to Amazon fulfillment centers. You can avoid all these problems of quality control by hiring a pre-shipment inspection company. Amazon also fines the company for defected products while it is a less expensive option to get inspected your products. A pre-shipment allows you to fulfill all Amazon FBA requirements from packing to barcode labeling, and for the same, you should not be dependent on the suppliers.


Following are some of the common problems of Amazon Sellers


•    Poor Product Quality

When the customer pays for something they expect it to be good. But if he or she does not find it the way they have expected. They took to Amazon to express their dissatisfaction with the product give it bad reviews which might cancel your Amazon account.


•    Inappropriate Packing and Labeling

Amazon refuses the damaged product and the cartons which have inappropriate labeling and packing. 


•    Wrong Logistics Provider

Late delivery, VAT fees, and some additional unexpected costs because of the logistics provider.  

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