Posted on 27 Oct 2022

The market of Amazon is thriving and has surpassed every e-commerce company around the world. Every year, Amazon ships more than 608 million packages. It all has become possible because of the huge success of Amazon’s fulfillment platform called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Amazon FBA allows you to ship the products from your factory to the warehouse of Amazon and deliver it to the buyer of your product. But here is a catch since you don’t see your product yourself before the sale, your products are at risk of not meeting the Amazon’s labeling, packaging, and safety requirements.

Thus, it is mandatory for your products to get inspected before shipment packaging. Global Inspection Managing can help you with product inspection to meet the Amazon’s requirements.

Following are the 5 ways a pre-shipment inspection company can help you.

1. Catch isues at the source point









Have you ever think of detecting the problem from its origin point? If the defected products are found in the first place, you can quickly fix it at less expenditure. It took much time to ship the goods, but it makes sure that only quality products are shipped.

2. Avoid lower returns, negative feedbackand suspension account 

The high rate of returns and negative feedback about your products can destroy the credibility of your brand in the market. A pre-shipment inspection lowers the cases of returns, thus also avoids the negative feedback from customers. If both things surge in numbers, the possible result would be your account suspension by Amazon.

3. Get better product's quality 














The pre-shipment inspection can increase the quality of your products. Since PSI companies already knew how much serious you are about the quality; they tend to pay more attention to your orders. If they don’t do it properly, they will have to rework your product. And that too they have to shell out money from their own pockets.


4. Prepare an acurate product listing 

You cannot boat of your product’s quality on Amazon, but in reality, it’s different. Pre-shipment inspection is necessary because doing it you will get the full review of the product’s quality. Then, you can list your products on Amazon along with its accurate details. You should ask your Quality Control (QC) department to send the perfect sample product out of the entire batch. Now, you are ready to prepare accurate product listing. For a good impression, you can click the photos of your production samples and use it for product presentation on Amazon.

5. Lower your risks by verifying  Amazon’s packaging and labeling requirements 

Every single buyer and importer has their packaging and labeling expectations. Ignoring this will put your Amazon account at risk. You should pay attention closely to Amazon’s requirements and tell your manufacturers as it is part of your specifications and third-party inspector.  If you are an Amazon FBA seller and selling your products on Amazon, your products should be verified before shipping any of your products to the Amazon warehouse.

Pre-Shipment inspection is necessary to cross-check that all your requirements have been met. A pre-shipment inspection includes product appearance, quantities manufactures, packaging, dimension, material, labeling, safety, and functionality. You can overcome all the quality control challenges by hiring a pre-shipment inspection company.

Hire a pre-shipment inspection company that knows about all the requirements of Fulfill by Amazon, like Global Inspection Company. It offers excellent services for different inspections like the pre-shipment inspection. Mail us at info@inspectionmanaging.com to know more about services and charges.

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