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Quality control in Asia

Product Inspection

Minimize import risks, save costs and time, responsible business practices based on international standards.


Product Audit

Evaluate suppliers' capabilities and and ensure quality to your final customers.This is a manufacturing sanity check.



Ensure product quality at every production stage. Verify quality at the source and don’t pay for defective goods. Avoid recalls and reputational damage.


Latest Articles

  • The business of overstock
    05 Apr 2022  Supplier list
    The business of buying and selling overstock Close-out sales, liquidation auctions represent ways of acquiring goods at a lower or more competitive price. To not confuse with “destocking” which refers to reducing the amount of stock you are holding, the french word for “destockage” represents the process of reusing what was already in stock, it is the idea of reusing stock that may be unsold, giving...
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  • Checklists
    22 Dec 2021 
    What’s a Quality Inspection Checklist? A quality control inspections checklist is a written document outlining your product's quality requirements and specifications. The checklists efficiency relies on its clarity and user friendliness as Inspectors will have clear criteria to follow when checking your products. It basically details all of your item’s requirements from content, packaging, to potential flaws and functionalities. Different manufacturers will have their own methods...
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  • What is third party inspection?
    15 Nov 2021  Product inspection
      If you outsource manufacturing to a domestic partner or import goods from overseas, you must ascertain that your products meet all legal requirements, specifications and consumer expectations. Unfortunately, doing this when you’re not physically present at the factory or when your supplier is halfway across the world is challenging.That’s where third inspection companies come in handy. Keep reading to learn more about third-party inspections...
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  • How much do quality control inspectors make?
    11 Nov 2021  Inspection
    According to data from  Salary.com, quality control inspectors make an average of $19 per hour. On an annualized basis, that translates to compensation of $46,043 as of fall 2021.Going into more detail, approximately 10 per cent of quality control inspectors make less than $36,419 per year, and around 10 per cent make more than $56,909 per year. Fifty per cent make between $41,006 and...
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  • Quality control inspection checklist template
    08 Nov 2021  Quality control
    As a business owner, you always want to know that your supplier and product inspector know the specific requirements of your product in detail. This way, you don’t end up receiving substandard, unsafe or cheap products that cost you more in the long run. Here’s where a quality control inspection checklist comes in. What is a quality control inspection checklist? A quality control inspection checklist is a...
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  • Why is quality control important?
    05 Nov 2021  Product inspection
    Quality is an essential factor when it comes to any product or service. It’s the market differentiator between reliable and durable products/services and mediocre items. That’s where quality control comes in. What is quality control? Quality control is a process through which businesses seek to ensure product quality is maintained and improved at all stages. Usually, it involves testing units and determining if they’re...
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