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Quality control in Asia

Product Inspection

Minimize import risks, save costs and time, responsible business practices based on international standards.



Ensure product quality at every production stage. Verify quality at the source and don’t pay for defective goods. Avoid recalls and reputational damage.


Product Audit

Evaluate suppliers' capabilities and and ensure quality to your final customers.This is a manufacturing sanity check.


Latest Articles

  • How to Find Supplier in Asia
    17 May 2018  product inspection
    How to Find Supplier in Asia When you have the concept of Know what your requirements are At Conduct initial research on Internet When Get the help of Search Engine Search engines are the biggest source Explore Reliable B2B websites B2B websites Filter your list of supplier When Conclusion Well doing business is not
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  • 6 Tips for Amazon FBA Sellers that Import their Products from China
    08 May 2018  Inspection
    Amazon does not compromise with its So, here we have some tips   1.    Select There are thousands of products are If you have an agent in   2.    Unique You are not the only one   3.    Take  If you are importing products   4.    Find China is the hub of manufacturing   5.    Check Products samples play a crucial role   6.    Product  When you have done all    
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  • How Amazon FBA Sellers Should Control Quality in China
    08 May 2018  product inspection
    Hundreds of companies whose turnover touch Most buyers set 2.5% Acceptable   Know How You Can Avoid   Some Amazon FBA sellers choose If you noticed that you send   Damage Control Mode of Buyers   When the above-stated problem There are a lot of dangers Amazon will definitely notice a lot   Following are some of the   •    Poor When the customer pays for something   •    Inappropriate Amazon refuses the damaged product and   •    Wrong Late delivery, VAT fees, and some
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    08 May 2018  product inspection
    The market of Amazon is thriving   Amazon FBA allows you to Thus, it is mandatory for your   Following are the 5 ways   1. CATCH ISSUES AT THE   Have you ever think of   2. AVOID LOWER RETURNS, NEGATIVE   The high rate of returns   3. GET BETTER PRODUCT&rsquo   The pre-shipment inspection can   4. PREPARE AN ACCURATE PRODUCT   You cannot boat of your   5. LOWER YOUR RISKS BY   Every single buyer and importer Pre-Shipment inspection is necessary to Hire a pre-shipment inspection company
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